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moioioi asked: awesome tumblr! are you from Miami?


Thanks and yes I am! 💃

artopsy-me90 asked: The art and poetry on your blog is amazing and very inspiring :)


Thanks so much for the love and support I really appreciate it 😊😊😊


Feelin cute with my yellow sweater and Vincent van Gogh socks…

I want!!!

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noelle-cats asked: I just want to tell you that your blog is perfect! Stay FABULOUS hon.


Thank you so freaking much it means a lot really 💓 hope you have a beautiful day 😊😊😊

-P.Romero (serketsuicide)

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First I fell in love with your soul
and all the beauty you hold within
Then everything else came naturally
I began to fall in love with your face
The way your brown eyes gaze back at me
Your lips,
The way they fit perfectly with mine
The way your heart beats,
For it whispers beautiful songs into my ears
With you
I saw the world differently
I took a risk
And then when it hit me all at once
I realized
I fell
I fell in love.

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone has a beautiful happy day with positive vibes.

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A letter to the past / evwriting (via evwriting)

Dear self,
You may be thinking to yourself that you’ll never make it out alive, but you will. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you by saying it’s going to get any easier, because it won’t. If anything it’s going to get harder. You will defy your mother. You will blame your father. You will leave the comfort of your home. You will have your heart broken, more than once. You will have scars to remind you of all of your mistakes. Your friends will betray you. Your dreams will be shot down. You will feel like you were set on fire, but you, will rise from those ashes. You will travel and see more places than you could have imagined all those days you would daydream from your window. Your mother will forgive you because she will finally understand that you cannot cage something that was meant to fly. You will find the strength to open your arms to your father because you will realize no other human in this world understands you the way he does. You will meet that one person that will fill all the cracks that were left on your heart & mend you. They will change your life entirely. You will learn to see your scars as a masterpiece of all of your strengths. You will learn to accept that people change and we have absolutely no control over it. You will meet so many people on your journey that will touch your soul. You won’t be the same girl who is confined to her skin for comfort. You will find peace when you learn to except that you are made up of fire and water. But mostly you will grow, and you will be happy.
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